Mountains of the Moon

These images and videos were produced for Outside Magazine and Challenge 21 during an expedition with Eddie Bauer guide Jake Norton in the Rwenzori Mountains, aka Mountains of the Moon. These mountains form the troubled border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their highest point, Mount Stanley (16,762 feet), is the the third highest summit in Africa, but sees fewer people in a year than Mt. Kilimanjaro sees in an average week.


Adventure + Sport

Living in Colorado it's only natural to live an active lifestyle encompassing everything from rivers to mountains and the myriad of places in between. These photographs and videos are a combination of stock and assignment work that reflect my passion for an adventurous life in the outdoors, wherever that can be found.


Rivers + Anglers

Rivers and fly fishing have been a part of my life since I was kid. Now I spend just as much time with a camera in hand as a fly rod. These images are part of a growing body of work that will become a book on fly fishing the rivers of the American West